A statement about the future

Posted on 6/23/2017 at 1:58pm

It is with great sadness that I must announce that I will be beginning the process of finding a new direction for Intergalactic Brewing Company by exploring all options, including, but not limited to, putting the business assets up for sale.

We currently do not have a timetable for this process, it could be weeks or months. But, this is the beginning.

This decision was not easy and is made reluctantly. However, over the last year it has become increasingly obvious that the brewery in its current formulation is not able to provide a stable economic foundation for my wife and me to begin the next chapters of our lives.

Our bootstrap operation never had enough capital to start. While we have had some success in growing, we have been unable to facilitate an investment big enough to push our business and brand into a model that makes sense for our lives.

Not having the capacity to modernize and expand properly means we will possibly bow out of the beer industry and seek an alternative for our assets, and potentially the brand, if there are interested parties.

Intergalactic Beer may survive in some form and that is my goal, but without additional capital the current formulation is not sustainable in the long term. At this time I have no definite direction for the brand.

I hope that all of our fans and friends are able to come by over the coming months as we move forward to have one last beer and say goodbye to the brewery as you have known it. It will mean a lot to our staff and I to see everyone again.

My greatest regret is that we may not be able to remain open and keep the amazing people who work for me employed. They are my family and it is with great disappointment i may not be able to support them going forward.

If you have any questions about or ideas for the future of the brewery please contact me at alexv@intergalacticbrew.com .

Alex Van Horne

Founder and Brewer

Intergalactic Brewing Company