Intergalactic Donut Pairing

May 28, 2017 - 11:00am

Come join Intergalactic Brewing Company and Donut Panic for our second donut and beer paring. This time we have two sessions to enjoy your donuts and beer. For the pariing we have put together three donuts and three beers.

  • Shut Up Wesley Wheat with Lemon Lavander Donut
  • Brown Coat Ale with Oreo Peanut Butter Donut
  • Ursa Minor Session IPA with Galaxy Donut (Raspberry Filled Vanilla Glazed Donut)
  • You get 1/2 of each donut and a full taster of each beer.
  • ¬†

Sessions at 11am and 12pm (noon).

  • ¬†

Anyone who buys a ticket will be able to get their donut paring during their session or during our normal tasting room hours 1pm-8pm Sunday May 28th. Tickets Available Here

Intergalactic Brewing Company
9715 Carroll Centre Rd #107
92126 San Diego, CA